Mikhaela’s Beauty Essentials is an independent distribution company in the Philippines of imported and locally manufactured products. Direct supplier of Glutathione and imported products.

Started selling online year 2005. Shop and discover a wide variety of Beauty And Health Care, Skin Care, Glutathione, Slimming and Anti-Aging products that will keep you looking great.
All our products are always fresh, authentic and safe to use. My loyalty is with my customers. I will only sell products that I have tested, proven effective and authentic that will ensure the integrity of our business.

Mikhaela’s Beauty Essentials is open for Resellers. We get our products directly from the manufacturers and distributors. We are backed up by our distributors so you are guaranteed that our price is competitive. We can give you the best price, all the best deals if you buy in bulk. Our goal is to bring you high quality products that would cater for your business and beauty needs at the lowest possible price.

Mikhaela’s Beauty Essentials don’t only make profit. We help you build your own business. Become our Resellers now.

MikhaelasBeautyEssentials.com offers various payment methods for your convenience. You can make payments via Paypal, Direct Bank Transfer, Western Union and Moneygram.

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